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Adjectives are cool. They have a very strict word order.

n.b. You don't need many of them in a sentence. Make more sentences if you want to say more. e.g. The big, black horse was frightened of the noisy, old motorbike.

So here you have to put 'size' before 'colour'.

Work out the other rules from these examples in this dialogue between a brother and sister:

1. (younger sister) 'I don't like small, pretty, talkative girls like your new girlfriend. I prefer big, quiet men like Dad!'

2. (older brother) 'That's because you're a silly, unimaginative girl, who doesn't appreciate the qualities in your own sex!'

3. (sister) 'Oh dear! You are a funny, old-fashioned boy, aren't you?'

4. (brother) 'No, I'm an intelligent, handsome, young, fit man. And I don't like patronising, boring people like you!'

5. (sister) 'Oh, dear! It's a pity you're not rich, isn't it? Because that's what your new girlfriend wants! She doesn't care if her boyfriends are fat, ugly and stupid!'

See the A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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