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When 'the' is part of the name:

For some places 'the' is part of the name e.g. The Houses of Parliament, The White House, The Sydney Opera House, The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Some places are always called the, meaning the place we both know about. They're not special in any way e.g. the bank, the supermarket, the office, the tourist office, the launderette, the( U.K.) off-license, the liquor store (U.S.) (or the bottle shop in Australia).

Some places have s e.g. the doctor's, the chemist's, the hairdresser's, the newsagent's.

Some places have nothing e.g. at home, at school, in hospital.
Can you do this exercise without looking at the answers? Put 'the' or nothing O.

Practice Exercise:

When I got to London I went to (1).....accommodation office in my English school to find a family to live with. They gave me an address and a map so I could find the house (2), (3)....supermarket and (4)...launderette. Of course I also wanted to know where (5)'s was, and (6)....hairdresser's. When I arrived the new landlady wasn't at (7) ...............home, she was at (8)...... and her children were at (9) ..... school, but her husband was there at the house when I arrived, fortunately. He was very worried and asked me to go to (10).... chemist's for him immediately. He was waiting for his children to come home so he could take them to(11).... hospital to see their grandmother who had been run over. It turned out that they were a very nice family but I arrived on a bad day!


Answers: 1. the 2. the 3. the 4 the 5 the 6 the 7. O 8. the 9. O 10.the 11 the

Another short exercise:

The with Rivers e.g. the name of the London river is The Thames /temz/.                                1........Yellow River flows through....Shanghai.                                                                     2..........Nile is in......Egypt and ......Mississippi is in ....USA.                                                3...........Paris is on.....Seine and ....Rome is on.....Tiber.                                                             4    Now put your capital city and its river..............................


Answers: 1.the,O 2. The, O, the, the 3.O,the,O,the. 4.


The goes before the names of Seas, Oceans, Chains of Mountains, Groups of Islands. Look up as many as you can write down or write down what you can from memory before you check.

Answers:                                                                                                                                Seas - The Pacific, The North Sea, The Indian Ocean, The Atlantic, The Caspian, The Mediterranean, The Baltic, The Aegean.                                                                                Mountains: The Andes, The Balkans, The Pyrenees, The Himalayas, The Pennines, The Philippines, The Alps, The Rockies.

See The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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