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Use The with musical instruments but put nothing with games, (sports and indoor games).
e.g. 'My children play the guitar and the drums, which drives our neighbours mad!'

Practice Exercise: put the or nothing, O.

 Can you play (1)..... tennis?
 No, I play (2) and (3) .....footballbut I prefer staying at home and playing (4)......guitar.                                                                                                                              Do you like listening to (5).....piano or (6).....trumpet?                                                             Neither! Im tone deaf. I prefer watching (7)....sumo wrestling on t.v. or playing (8) When I was at school I liked quiet games like (9)....chess but they made me play games like (10) and (11), which I hated.

n.b. "Listen to" the radio or music or the t.v. but "watch t.v."

Answers: 1. O  2. O  3. O   4.the   5.the    6. the   7. O  8. O  9.O  10. O.    11. O


See The Z - z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.


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