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Simple little prepositions

in, on, at, to, under, above, below, along.

They all have something to do with space and movement:

e.g. It's 8.30 a.m.: My mother is at home. My father is at work in his office. My brother is still in bed. My sister is on the phone in her car. The cat is under the table eating its food. Our teacher is walking along the road to school.

Practice Exercise:

1. I like listening... my stereo and watching...MTV because I like pop music.

2. The President was running...the river with his body guards when an attempt was made...his life.

3. ......the waist I'm not too fat but...the waist I am too fat, apart from my legs which are thin. I need to go.... a diet!

4. When he was young the Prime Minister was interested....pop music but then politics got his attention.

5. The sun goes ....the skyline at night and rises ..... the horizon every day but .....the Moon we would have no tides and the cycles of creation would not exist.

6. The cat is...home, ..the cupboard, trying to catch a mouse.

Answers:,0     2.along,on         3.above, below, on

4. in    5. below, above, without       6. at, under/in

Read The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules

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