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he, she, it, they, we, you, I (subject pronouns)

you have to use these little words if you don't have any other subject for the verb.

e.g. You can't say 'loves you'. You have to say 'the dog loves you' or 'it' loves you or 'he' loves you' or 'she' loves you.

n.b. many languages don't have this problem!

There is an important rule:

don't repeat the subject noun after you say it the first time. Replace it with a pronoun.

e.g. The two film stars met in Hollywood. They got married secretly.

Practice Exercise: (correct these sentences)

1. a lot of roast lamb in my family because

2. My boss went to the cinema last night because his wife wanted to go out for the evening. ....paid but.....was cross because.... thought her husband should have paid.

3. There was an American business man on the news in January,2003, who paid $15,000 to go up in a Russian Mig .... thought it was very good value for a few minutes to fly above the world. The pilot was a Russian hero and ... got on very well together. ... was a friendship made in space.

4.Technology has found its way into our homes without our noticing. everywhere .....look: in our microwaves, our tvs, our computers, even in our heating systems.

5. horse racing. ... is really exciting. ... went for the first time on Boxing Day in Auckland, New Zealand. ... am going with a friend next Saturday because ... have found out that...loves it too. .....hope his luck is better than mine!!! .... always back losers!


1. We, we, it. 2.She,she,she 3.He,they,it  4.It,we/you,  5.I, it, I, I, I, he, I, I

Read The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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