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Past Simple Pronunciation Problems
- pronunciation of regular verbs in the Past Simple = Verb + ed
Pronunciation of this ending is a problem!
You can pronounce '-ed' as /id/ or /t/ or /d/

Practice: look at the verb forms in the story below - how do you say them?
Read the story first and then decide which type the verb belongs to.
*scroll down for difficult vocabulary.

Yesterday we walked through the streets of Rome and visited the Trevi Fountains. We tossed* money into the fountain and wished for something wonderful to happen. We smiled at the other tourists and waited for our dreams to come true.

Then many birds landed around us and pecked* us because they wanted food. We waved them away.

Accidentally I smacked one of the other tourists, who screamed loudly. Then the police arrested us!

We stayed in prison until the next morning. When the police called us and opened our cell* doors we climbed out of our uncomfortable beds and rushed out of our cells. Before they would let us go the police asked me why I had annoyed the other tourist and I said it was because I was frightened of the birds.

The police were infuriated and told us to go away and not come back!

* to toss = to throw
*to peck: birds peck, animals bite!
*a cell = a room in a prison


/id/ visited, landed, wanted, arrested
/t/ walked, wished, pecked, asked
/d/ smiled, waved, smacked, stayed, climbed, frightened

See The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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