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Wh-Questions - Asking Questions to get information.
e.g. Where is the bathroom, lavatory, men's room (or 'Gents') or 'Ladies', toilet, restroom (U.S.), loo (London or Australia), w.c. (water-closet)?
Answer: it's over there behind the hotel lifts.

Practice exercise: Be careful! They are not all Wh-questions!!!

Match the questions (1 - 10) with the answers (a - j):

1. How do I find a doctor in this country?
2. Where do I look up a phone number?
3. What does your brother look like?
4. Was there a message for me?
5. What size is that dress?

6. What size are those shoes?
7. Where can I buy some aspirins?
8. Is something wrong?
9. How long have you been in this country?
10. Where can I find a good mechanic?
11. Who knows?
12. Who did you meet last night?

a) I think I'm alright. I just need to sit down for a moment. I felt faint. Phew!
b) About three weeks.
c) No response. It's an exclamation!
d) In a supermarket or a chemist's.
e) I met the boss's wife and children.
f)  It's over there on the left. You can see the sign 'surgery'.
g) He's got blond hair and he's tall and he wears glasses and he has a beard. He looks like Sean Connery but he's blond, not dark.

h)  No, nobody rang.
i)  It's a twelve. What size are you looking for?
j)  Ask some-one with a car or look in the phone book.
k)  In a phone book or dial the operator.
l)   They're nine (or 43). I'm sure they're too big for you.

Answers: 1.f.  2.k  3.g  4.h  5.i  6.l  7.d  8.a  9.b  10.j  11.c  12.e

Read The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage to see the rules.

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