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saying Thank you

This is really important in English-speaking cultures!


What do you say?
1. if some-one gives you a present?
2. When you are leaving after a party?
3. When you are leaving after a meal?
4. If some-one admires you or pays you a compliment?
5. If some-one praises you and you donīt agree?

a) Thank you, but I'm not sure youīre right!
b) Thank you. Thatīs really kind of you!
c) Thank you. The meal was excellent!
d) Thank you very much. Thatīs very kind of you.
e) Thank you. It was a lovely party.

Answer 1b. 2e  3c  4d  5a

Part 2:

Saying Thank you is very important. How do you say it?

e.g. when some-one gives you a present, you say "Thank you very much. How lovely!"

1. when some-one invites you out and you want to say thank you for the invitation?
2. When you want to say thank you at the end of the invitation?
3. When you want to say thank you for an invitation but refuse it?
4. When you want to accept an invitation?
5. When you are returning something youīve borrowed?
6. When some-one has done you a favour?

1. Thank you very much for inviting me. Itīs very kind of you. What shall I bring?
2. Thank you for having me. I really enjoyed it. My turn next!
3. Thank you very much, Iīd love to, but Iīm afraid I canīt. Another time perhaps? (n.b. Donīt say "Iīm busy" unless you want to be rude! Then you can!)
4. Thank you very much, Iīd love to.
5. Thanks very much. It was very useful - or - I enjoyed it.
6. Thanks very much. I hope I can return the favour some time.

Practice Exercise:
1. A stranger offers you a lift.
You (i) accept or (ii) refuse politely.
2. An English-speaking friend gives you a present.
    You accept it, even if you donīt like it, if you are in the UK!
3. An English-speaking person helps you by reading your English composition. You say:
4. Some-one in England invites you for a drink in a pub. You say:
5. Some-one invites you to your favourite disco. You say:
6. You are invited to some-oneīs house. You say:
7. Some-one lent you some money and you are giving it back. You say:
8. A friend wants you to spend time with some-one you donīt like. You say:

Answers: 1. (i) Thanks. If it doesnīt take you out of your way.
Or (ii) No thanks. Itīs OK.
2. Thank you, how lovely! I've always wanted one.
3. Youīre very kind. I know you must have spent a lot of time on it. Thank you very much.
4. Thank you. I'd like to check.  How does it work? You buy me a drink and then I buy you a drink? We buy a 'round' each, is that right?
5. Oh yes, Iīd love to. What time? Where shall we meet?
6. Iīd love to. What time? What shall I bring?
7. Thanks very much for rescuing me.
8. Thanks very much but..........Iīm not very keen on the idea. Thanks for asking me all the same.

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