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Story - 'The Snake, the Mice and the Plane' - tense practice, mainly Present Perfect, but not always!

Using the Present Perfect for talking about recent events or things which are still happening.
Careful - there are other tenses in this exercise!

Him. (1) ….(hear) you the news this morning!
Her. No. What….(2) happen?
Him. There (3) (be) a problem at London Airport apparently. It seems that some-one (4) (find) an enormous snake wrapped around one of the engines of a Jumbo Jet.
Her. I never (5) (hear) of such a thing! How (6) (happen)?
Him. You (7) (have) breakfast this morning?
Her. Yes, I (8) (have). Why?
Him. Well, I (9) (not tell) you what they (10) (do) or you (11) (be) sick!
Her. Why? What (12) they (do)?
Him. They (13) (put) a box of mice under the engine of the plane where the snake can see them so it (14) (come) down and eat them!
Her. In the mean time everyone (15) (have to) wait until the snake (16) (come) down?
Him. We (17) (find out) now. Let's watch the News on CNN.
Her. It's on CNN? How funny! Let's see!

1. Have you heard the news…
2. What's happened?
3. There's been a problem….
4. Some-one's found…
5. I've never heard of…
6. How did it happen?
7. Have you had breakfast this morning?
8. Yes, I have.
9. I won't tell you…
10…what they have done
11. you'll be sick.
12. what have they done
13. They've put a box..
14. will come down and eat them
15. everyone has had to wait
16. until the snake has come down or comes down
17. We'll find out now.

See The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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