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Phrasal Verbs 1.

There are various categories of phrasal verbs!
Some verbs go with 'adverbial particles' (which look like prepositions).
Some very frequent examples are:
1.Come on!
2. Sit down!
3. Stand up!
4. Get up!
5. Shut up!
6. Hold on!
7. Hang up!
8. Look out!
9. Go on!
10. Get on!
11. Go ahead!
12. Move on!
13. Go away!
14. Come along!
15. Give up!
16. Find out!
17. Hurry up!
n.b. These are imperatives. These two part verbs are not followed by objects!

When do you say them?
Match the commands above to the circumstances below - usually speaking, not writing (except for e-mails). 

(a)  A car is going fast through a puddle and will splash you.
(b) You can't win or you can't guess something - you have to stop.
(c) Your boss tells you to get some information.
(d) A mother wants her child to pay attention and do what she wants!
(e) The telephonists wants you to wait.
(f) The policeman doesn't want drivers to stop and look at an accident.
(g) The listener is trying to get the speaker to continue their story.
(h) The telephonist wants the conversation to stop.
(i) A man wants a woman to be quiet. (very rude!)
(j) A bus conductor says this to his passengers.
(k) An alarm clock tells you to do this in the morning.
(l) When an important person comes into a room some-one will say this to you.
(m) A friend doesn't believe what you are telling them!
(n) The speaker thinks it's a good idea to do something!
(o) Some-one wants to give you some bad news.
(p) You are making some-one angry and they want you to leave them alone!                           (q) You are walking very slowly and the bus is coming.

Answers: 1(m).  2(o).  3(l). 4(k). 5(i). 6.(e) 7(h). 8(a).  9(g). 10(j). 11(n). 12(f). 13(p). 14 (d)   15 (b).  16 (c)    17(q)

see The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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