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' I've got a memory like an elephant!'

Remember to and remember Verb+ing

e.g. Looking back:
(i) Lock the door (ii) remember
e.g. I remembered locking the door!
What happened first? I locked the door. Then? I looked back i.e. I remembered!

e.g. Looking forward:
(i) remember (ii) buy the ticket
e.g. I remembered to buy the ticket.
What happened first? I remembered. Then? I locked the door!!!

Practice exercise:
imagine 2 tourists meeting each other in London again after their trip to Latin America.

John: Do you remember …………. (meet) me in Paraguay?
Mary: No, but I remember …………..(see) you in Buenos Aires!
John: You hadn't remembered……..(get) a visa for Brazil.
Mary: That's right. I was waiting to go to Rio. I saw you there.
John: Do you remember nearly…………..(drown) in Copa Cabana?
Mary: Yes, I do. It was awful. I'm lucky to be alive!
John: Did you remember…………(ask) the address of those people we met? They were so nice!
Mary: Sorry, I forgot.
John: I remembered!

Do you remember meeting me in Paraguay?
No, but I remember seeing you in Buenos Aires.
You hadn't remembered to get a visa for Brazil…..
Do you remember nearly drowning in Copa Cabana…..
Did you remember to ask……

See The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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