An Online Catalogue of English Grammar Exercises

Animal words: for Hania

Can you put these words into their correct family groups e.g. mother, father, children.

Males: Bull, pig, horse, tomcat, dog, ram (sheep) , tiger, lion. Females: Tigress, bitch, sow, cow, mare, she-cat, ewe, lioness.

Their young: Calf, piglet, foal, kitten, cub, cub, lamb, puppy.



e.g. bull (male), cow (female), calf (the young).

Pig (or boar), sow, piglet.

Horse, mare, foal.

Tomcat, she-cat, kitten.

Dog, bitch, puppy.

Ram, ewe, lamb.

Lion, lioness, cub.

Tiger, tigress, cub.

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