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Have got and illnesses e.g. I've got stomach ache.
See the other entry 'Talking about your health' when it comes.

Match the drawings to the symptoms! The drawings are not in the right place!!!
1.I've got stomach ache(A)

2.I've got backache(B)
3.I've got flu.
4.I've got toothache
5.I've got earache.
6.I've got a cold.(D)
7.I've got a headache.
8.I've got a pain in my leg, arm, chest etc.
9.I've got a sore throat.(E)
BUT               10. I feel sick. I've eaten something bad.(F)
Or I feel terrible!
11. Or I don't know what's wrong with me!!!!!(G)

Answers:1. (E)  2.(D)  4.(B)   7.(A)  9.could be (F)  10. (E) or (F)   11.(G) or (C)!

See The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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