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The Organisation of Ideas

The most important part of a sentence is at the end.

To give ideas emphasis we put them at the end e.g. The computer can solve most of our problems > Most of our problems can be solved by the computer.

In the same way English has special constructions to make this happen e.g. 'It's a pity you didn't tell be before'. 'It doesn't matter what you say'.

Practice Exercises: Put these words in order and add words to construct useful sentences.

1.known not whether lives lost any.

2. shocking no-one noticed what happened

3. compulsory seat belt wear.

4. matter you say what.

5. would a disaster be if married didn't we.

6. people you want what always do do?

Answers:1. it is not known whether any lives were lost.                                                  was shocking that no-one had noticed what had happened. Or: it was shocking that no-one noticed what happened.                                                                                                   is compulsory to wear a seat belt.                                                                               doesn't matter what you say.                                                                                       would be a disaster if we didn't get married.                                                                             6. do people always do what you want?

See The A - Z of English Grammar & Usage for the rules.

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